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Israel still portrays itself as a Jewish and democratic state. Yet in practice, as its Palestinian citizens can attest, it functions as a Jewish ethnocracy, leaving small margins of freedom for its Palestinian citizens that have been steadily shrinking in the past few years. Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories: Elected but restricted: Shrinking space for Palestinian parliamentarians in Israel's Knesset 4 September 2019 , Index number: MDE 15/0882/2019 Palestinian members of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, are facing increasing threats to their freedom of expression.

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Israël/Palestine. « Occupation and shrinking space » The attack on civil society in the occupied Palestinian Territory and in Israël 22 janvier 2020. After decades of occupation, which already put severe restrictions on the ability of CSOs to operate in the occupied Palestinian Territory, and at a time when the Israeli government is no.

Shrinking palestine. In 1917 the British government decided unilaterally to give someone else’s land to the Jewish people despite the fact that it had already been inhabited by numerous peoples for centuries. The Balfour Declaration, the document that laid out this ag… MAP 2, from 1947, shows the proposed partition plan for Arab and Jewish states — the result of a 33-13 vote in the United Nations.Jews, with about a third of the population, and owning 7 percent of the land, would receive 55 percent of historic Palestine; the rest, minus a tiny portion for an internationally-administered Jerusalem, would form the Arab state. ‘Shrinking Palestine’ describes the military, legal and financial tools that have been utilised by the Zionist movement over the past century to acquire land, and maps the gradual and ongoing transformation of historic Palestine into 'Greater Israel’. Prior to 1948, the black areas denote the land purchased by Jewish individuals and organisations, foremost the Jewish National Fund (JNF.

The shrinking Palestine. May 22, 2006. Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Second is the United Nations partition map of November 1947, which divided Palestine into two states — one for Arabs (who. Shrinking Palestine. en . USE THIS VISUAL . DESCRIPTION . This interactive infographic describes the military, legal and financial tools that have been utilised in the gradual transformation of historic Palestine into 'Greater' Israel, mapping the extent of the territory now defined as Israeli 'state land', on which Palestinians — even those. Shrinking Palestine. belowLittle is needed to be said about this except to just look at the image of shrinking Palestine. Or ever expanding Israel. . . And, Don't forget Israels Deliberate and Planned Expansion policies and actions in the region:

Palestinian Christians (Arabic: مَسِيحِيُّون فِلَسْطِينِيُّون ‎, romanized: Masīḥiyyūn Filasṭīniyyūn) are Christian citizens of the State of Palestine.In the wider definition of Palestinian Christians, including the Palestinian refugees, diaspora and people with full or partial Palestinian Christian ancestry this can be applied to an estimated 500,000. The Israel-Palestine Debate Is Expanding—but the Options Are Only Shrinking Joshua Keating 7/17/2020 Protests across the country lead to clashes with police, arrests Response to the popular "shrinking Palestine" map. Close. 68. Posted by 5 months ago. Response to the popular "shrinking Palestine" map. 114 comments. share. save hide report. 87% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. level 1.

POSTER PALESTINE SHRINKING 50X70 CM ‘Shrinking Palestine’ describes the military, legal and financial tools that have been utilised by the Zionist movement over the past century to acquire land, and maps the gradual and ongoing transformation of historic Palestine into 'Greater Israel’. Creating a Jewish state in Palestine was a deliberate, drawn-out and violent process. Palestinians were dispossessed of vast swathes of land. Over 80 percent of Palestinians in what became Israel in 1948 were made into refugees overnight. The process may have culminated in 1948, but it had begun in. Please keep in mind that the image below is a response to the inaccuracy of the "shrinking Palestine" map and is not intended to show every territorial change in the last 100 years. I am fully aware that the maps mix four very different concepts; private land ownership, a UN proposal that was never implemented, the post-1967 territories of.

One of the most pernicious and common lies propagated by anti-Israeli activists is the so-called ‘shrinking maps’ of Palestine (see bottom of this article). As with most anti-Israel propaganda (like “Israelis are baby-killers” whereas in fact Israel does everything to avoid any civilian casualties while Palestinians specifically target. Text on back of Card: For centuries the land of Palestine was inhabited by a diverse population of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. That began to change when groups in Europe and the U.S. called Zionists began a colonial enterprise in the late 1800s to take over the land for a Jewish state. THE HISTORY of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be glimpsed through a series of maps. First is the sepia-toned map of Palestine under the British Mandate, circa 1936.

The correlation between the shrinking Christian population in Palestine, and the Israeli occupation and apartheid should be unmistakable, as it is obvious to Palestine’s Christian and Muslim. Countering the 'shrinking Palestine Maps' scam One of the most pernicious and common scams propagated by anti-Israeli activists is the so-called 'shrinking maps' of Palestine (see bottom of this article). As with most anti-Israel propaganda (like "Israelis are baby-killers" whereas in fact Israel does everything to avoid any civilian casualties.

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