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Maps Of Civil War Battles

Before, and between, America‚Äôs defining conflicts, mapmakers were busy documenting the locales that would become the seats of war. In our map collection you will find historic maps, hundreds of our one-of-a kind troop movement maps, and numerous animated maps, in which the movements of battle come to life. Home / Wall Maps / Classroom […]

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Civil War Map Battles

Virginia Civil War Campaigns Historical Marker Guide – A collection Civil War related Virginia historical highway markers. The Guide helps increase visitor understanding of battlefield sites by describing battle and campaign related events that occurred at the battlefields and surrounding areas. This incredible map allows students to click on any of the battles in the […]

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Battles Of The Civil War Map

The main cause of the war was the question of whether or not to abolish slavery. By the end of the Civil War, it was esimated that up to one million people were dead. Here are the major battles that were fought in the Civil War. 10. Battle of Atlanta (1864) The Battle of Atlanta […]

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