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Syrian Desert, Syria. Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 32.054379, 41.189285. Syrian Desert, or Syrian-Arabian desert is an area of 200,000 sq miles, located in Syria and Saudi Arabia. It is a large region of sand and sandy rocks. It used to be inhabited by the Bedouins and played a role of supply arena during the Iraqi War. The Syrian desert is part of the Al-Hamad. It covers parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Its western border is the Orontes Valley, and on the east is the Euphrates River.

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The Syrian Desert (بادية الشام, Bâdiyat aş-Şâm), also known as the Hamad, is a combination of steppe and desert covering of the Middle East, including parts of south-eastern Syria, northeastern Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia, and western Iraq. 249 relations.

Where is syrian desert located on a map. Syrian Desert, Arabic Badiyat Ash Sham, arid wasteland, SW Asia, between the cultivated lands along the E Mediterranean coast and the fertile Euphrates River valley. It extends N from the Nafud Desert in Saudi Arabia and comprises W Iraq, E Jordan, and SE Syria. The famous Arabian horses are raised along the edges of the desert, which in the north is crossed by oil pipelines and by a motor. SYRIAN DESERT. A huge stretch of mostly barren land covering parts of four countries: Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Known in Arabic as Badiyat al-Sham after the nomadic bedouin (Badu, hence Badiya) who roam its parts in search of pasture, it is also known as the Greater Badiyat al-Sham (Badiyat al-Sham al-Kubra) because it extends between the desert of al-Nufud on the Arabian. 149-150. East Mediterranean Lands and Iraq. Baghdad. The World Atlas. 1 : 2500000 USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Location of Syrian desert. Detailed, interactive and static maps of Syrian desert and satellite images for Syrian desert. Syrian Desert maps. 9. Syrian Desert – 200,000 Square Miles . The Syrian Desert is a unique combination of a true desert, semi-arid landscape, and steppe. It is located in the Middle East where it covers parts of Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.To the south, the Syrian Desert merges with the Arabian Desert. 85% and 55% of the land area of Joran and Syria respectively are occupied by the Syrian Desert. The Arabian Desert is bordered to the north by the Syrian Desert, to the northeast and east by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, to the southeast and south by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden, and to the west by the Red Sea.A large part of the Arabian Desert lies within the modern kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yemen, on the coast of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, borders the desert to.

This desert region in eastern Syria is located between the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Homs (depicted in the map below): A map of the Badiya Al-Sham region that is located between the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Homs. The grey shows the Islamic State’s territory in a sea of red, which displays the ground controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Syrian Desert The Syrian Desert, or Southeastern Desert, is a vast and sparsely populated region in southeastern Syria. It is the basin of the river Euphrates. It consists of the districts Ar-Raqqa, Al-Hassakeh, Deir az-Zur and parts of the provinces of Muḥafaẓat Ḥimṣ, Muḥāfaẓat Ḥamāh and Rif Dimashq. The Syrian Desert (Arabic: بادية الشام ‎, Bādiyah Ash-Shām), also known as the Syrian steppe, the Jordanian steppe, or the Badia, is a region of desert, semi-desert and steppe covering 500,000 square kilometers (200,000 square miles) of the Middle East, including parts of south-eastern Syria, northeastern Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia, and western Iraq.

New advances of FSA in Syrian Desert – syria.liveuamap.com Png Map Of The World Map Of Alaska Coastline Texas Road Map 2017 Map Bermuda Triangle Map Of Turkey Syria Iraq Rome Travel Map Europe Physical Map Rivers Map Of Rota Spain The heat map up top shows where the 500 most recent users clicked. A lot of them got it generally right (presumably, some number cheated), although, like Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, many seemed. …region is mostly within the Syrian Desert—an extension of the Arabian Desert—and occupies the eastern and southern parts of the country, comprising more than four-fifths of its territory.The desert’s northern part is composed of volcanic lava and basalt, and its southern part of outcrops of sandstone and granite.

Damascus, the capital city of Syria and a UNESCO World Heritage Center, is located on an oasis in the Syrian Desert. The natural boundaries of the Syrian Desert are formed by the Euphrates River in the east, the Orontes Valley in the west, and the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula to the south. 4. Historical Role Where (on the map) is the Syrian Desert located? does anyone have a link to a good map that shows the area that the Syrian Desert is located in? Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. Max. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Look for the Syrian Desert label in the middle of this map. Syria is located in Western Asia, north of the Arabian Peninsula, at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.It is bordered by Turkey to the north, Lebanon and Israel to the west and southwest, Iraq to the east, and Jordan to the south. It consists of mountain ranges in the west and a steep area inland. In the east is the Syrian Desert and in the south is the Jabal al-Druze Range.

Map of Syrian desert on world map. 30+ Free Syrian desert on world map. Here's where Syria is located on a map, in case you didn't know. US and Syria on a Map Largest Desert in the World – Desert Map Syria Map / Geography of Syria / Map of Syria – Worldatlas.com Map of the Iraq-Syria border The Iraqi–Syrian border is the border between Syria and Iraq and runs for a total length of 599 km (372 mi) across Upper Mesopotamia and the Syrian desert , from the tripoint with Jordan in the south-west to the tripoint with Turkey in the north-east.

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